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Our Customers


“Exceptional service in a timely manner at a fair price”

-VA Alabama Chief Maintenance and Repair-
For a complete mechanical maintenance

“MASE plays the team ball to develop and complete the projects safely, on-time, under budget and within compliance.”

-Multi National Corporation Project Manager-
For Various Energy and BAS Projects

“MASE is a trustworthy and loyal company compromised with his work and clients. I would recommend MASE for any Mechanical project.”

-GSA Region 2 COR-
For Various Mechanical and BAS Projects

“MASE is a very professional and reliable contractor, does excellent and quality work, they go the extra mile to accomplish the work. I would recommend this company for any future work”

-GSA Region 2 COR-
For Various Mechanical and BAS Projects

“MASE is one of the best Contractors we have ever worked with. Their level of professionalism is high level and we only hear compliments from the end user. We would definitely work with MASE again in future projects.”

-VA Caribbean Contracting Officer-
For Various Mechanical and BAS Contracts

Projects Performed

Facility Maintenance Contracts


Contract Type / Work Description

GSA SCHEDULE 03FAC Facility Maintenance and Management

MASE have been awarded with the Refrigeration, Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioner, Boiler and Chiller HVAC Maintenance.


Top to Bottom Maintenance of a 2000 tons chiller plant equipment including 4 Trane centrifugal chillers, cooling towers and pumps

VA Caribbean


Maintenance of the most critical mechanical equipment in a large VA facility including:

Maintenance of the VA Caribbean Health Care system BAS for the past four years.

Maintenance of the VA Caribbean Health Care system Critical AHUs for the past two years

Maintenance of 8 large centrifugal chillers on VA San Juan

Maintenance of 11 cooling towers at the VA San Juan

VA Caribbean

Various contracts for equipment repairs such as boilers, pumps, plumbing, electrical services

VA Alabama

Maintenance of mechanical systems in the hospital including chillers, cooling towers, air handlers, pumps and building management system


Repair Trane Centrifugal Chiller at Antilles Ramey School
Replacement of a 50 tons screw compressor

BAS and Smart Buildings Contracts


Contract Type / Work Description

GSA Schedule 03FAC

MASE have been awarded with the smart building system integrator SIN.


MASE was contracted to correct deficiencies left by a previous contractor on an energy ARRA funded project. A Trane Tracer SC BAS installation was verified corrected and commissioned as per original design intent. It was a highly complex BAS focused on energy savings and tenant comfort.


Installation of a new BAS to reduce energy consumption of a federal facility. Energy consumption was reduced by 50%

Schneider Electric /GSA R2

1.Installation programming and configuration of the BAS system for the Federal Government’s first NET ZERO project at the St. Croix USVI Federal Courthouse

2.Integration of more than 5 different BAS vendors into one common platform for the ESPC project on the Old San Juan and St. Thomas US Courthouses

Construction Contracts

$10,000,000.00 Bonding Capacity and Fully Insured Contractor


Contract Type / Work Description


Hurricane Maria Disaster Recovery. Installation of temporary roof on an FBI facility, Electrical Generator Repair after damaged suffered, Gate repairs, Roof Drain cleaning.

VA Ceiba Clinic

Emergency installation of shutters on the ceiba clinic to prevent damage by Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria. The clinic did not suffer any internal damage thanks to the installation of shutters.

VA Ceiba Clinic

Clinic Revitalization including: Fence Repair, Exterior and Interior painting, Windows Leakage repair, pavement repair, Clinic Gate repair, Land Scaping

VA San Juan

Emergency replacement of a large sprinkler water tube on the VA hospital that was leaking. The tube was underground and we had to excavate the area to perform the repair.


Hurricane Maria Disaster Recovery. Large Roof HVAC units were torn out from their bases. We build new bases and reinstalled the units.


Replacement of five dx split systems on the FAA radar station at the rain forest peak. Project was performed without disturbing operations on one of the most remote locations in the island. A concrete and steel base capable of supporting the equipment was constructed


Chiller Plant Replacement and Optimization in Old San Juan FOB and US Courthouse
Three chillers were replaced. Also new chilled water pipe was installed and new VFDs for converting the plant to a variable primary flow plant. A Trane Tracer Summit system was programmed by our technicians to accomplish this.


Chiller Plant Replacement and Optimization in the St Thomas FOB and US Courthouse
Two chillers were replaced along with their electrical feeders and breakers. Also new chilled water pipe was installed and new VFDs for converting the plant to a variable primary flow plant. A JCI Metasys was programmed by our technicians to accomplish this. The contract included minor interior renovations and roof sealing.


Replacement of two AHU’s and installation of two supply fan for demand control ventilation. The project included the reprogramming of the AHUs sequence in order to account for the new demand control ventilation requirement.


Dampers installation and balancing of the airside system of an occupied US Courthouse in St. Thomas. The project included reprogramming of the AHUs to improve comfort on the areas


Seepage pit cleanout on US Courthouse in St. Croix. Cleaning of a water runout pit to avoid terrain erosion.


Replacement of the fire alarm system of an occupied US Courthouse at St.Croix. A new state of the art system was installed including graphics, annunciation and remote communications


Chilled water pipe coupling and fitting replacement on an occupied US Courthouse


Three projects for replacing two chillers, one air handler, and 15 exhaust fans on the CDC Puerto Rico Office.

Company Information

  • DUNS Number: 615326886
  • CAGE Code: 56T11
  • NAICS: 238220, 332322, 333415, 334512, 541330, 561210,811310
  • Socio Economic Certification: 8(a) Certified (Code: 304142), SDB
  • MASE is an 8(a) certified company and also holds a GSA Schedule Contract 03FAC # GS21F050AA for Facility Maintenance and Management

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  • Exellent Past Performance Ratings
  • Unmatched Commitment with Federal Customers
  • Small Business that will help you to meet the socio economic goals with the highest quality
  • Small Business with the most skilled personnel to meet federal government highest technical and quality standards
  • Experienced and certified engineers in the USACE Construction Quality Management Course
  • Contracting Vehicles

    MASE is an 8(a) and GSA Schedule holder which greatly simplify procurement process. By using these vehicles the federal agencies could issue contracts within days instead of months

    12 reasons to use GSA Schedules:

  • Streamlined acquisition processes - For the most part, FAR Parts 13, 14, 15, and 19 do not apply to orders placed against GSA Schedules, and ordering activities only have to follow the simplified ordering procedures prescribed in FAR Subpart 8.4.
  • No requirement to synopsize - GSA Schedules have been synopsized at the contract level in FedBizOpps and satisfy the requirements of the Competition in Contracting Act (Pub. Law 98-369) and FAR Part 5, Publicizing Contract Actions. Ordering activities “shall not” synopsize (see FAR 8.404(a)).
  • Socioeconomic determinations are made at the contract level, therefore reps and certs are provided at the contract level. There is no requirement for reps and certs at the order level and ordering activities should rely on the size determination made at the contract level and displayed in GSA eLibrary.
  • Small Business set-asides are allowable at the discretion of the ordering activity contracting officer helping your organization to meet your socioeconomic goals. It is important to note that 80% of all GSA Schedule holders are small businesses and the simplified ordering procedures for Schedule set-asides are prescribed in FAR 8.405-5, not Part 19.
  • Note that the “rule of two” prescribed in FAR Part 19, in which agencies must set aside acquisitions exceeding $150,000 for small businesses when there is a reasonable expectation that 1) offers will be received from at least two responsible small business concerns offering the products of different small business concerns, and 2) award will be made at fair market prices, does not apply to orders issued against the GSA Multiple Award Schedules.

  • Subcontracting plans are issued and administered at the contract level, and are therefore not required for orders issued against GSA Schedules.
  • GSA performs the contractor responsibility determination IAW FAR Part 9 at the contract level. A separate determination of responsibility is not required at the order level.
  • Conducting a cost and price analysis as prescribed in FAR Subpart 15.4 is not required. Fair and reasonable pricing is determined by GSA at the contract level. Ordering activities must ensure that pricing does not exceed the GSA Schedule price and consider discounts offered at the order level when evaluating price.
  • Note: When buying services IAW FAR 8.405-2 the ordering activity is required to conduct an overall price reasonableness determination. This means that the proposed mix of labor and level of effort must be considered to ensure that the overall price provides the best value to the government.

  • Additional discounts off of the already fair and reasonable pricing is permitted and encouraged at the order level. The ordering activity is required to ask for a discount when the order exceeds the simplified acquisition threshold (SAT).
  • The FAR Part 15 debriefing requirement does not apply to orders issued against GSA Schedules. Ordering activities may provide feedback.
  • There is no requirement to establish a competitive range determination for orders issued against GSA Schedules. This is a Part 15 procedure that should not be used.
  • Use of GSA Schedules is considered a competitive procedure in accordance with FAR 6.102(d)(3)).
  • Over 28 million products and services - GSA Schedules offer tremendous depth and breadth of available solutions.
  • New GSA Schedules training has been added to www.gsa.gov/masnews. - See more at: https://interact.gsa.gov/blog/benefits-schedules-12-reasons-use-gsa-schedules#.dpuf