Smart Buildings

Building Management System

Building Management Systems are key to maximize facilities profitability by providing a mean to control all building systems such as air conditioning, security system, fire control system and lightning. MASE is proud to be partner with Distech Controls, a Niagara powered, true Bacnet platform. Leader in the building management systems industry.

What separate MASE from other controls companies?

  • MASE have experience maintaining and programming different manufacturer systems and have all tools needed to program and maintain these systems.
  • Instead of replacing an entire control system we can integrate it into a new, state of the art, Niagara platform
  • Remote facility monitoring

  • MASE offers remote monitoring of facilities which promotes a faster and more accurate response to service needs. Customers can have a better visualization of their facilities.
  • By combining the Mechanical Maintenance Contract with the BMS Maintenance Contract and Remote monitoring the Customer will:
  • Reduce total contract costs
  • Reduce monthly utility bills
  • Increase tenant satisfaction levels
  • MASE BMS personnel

    • MASE engineers and BMS technicians are well trained and have experience with the most changeling situations of a building management system.