Facility Maintenance

Total Facility Maintenance Cost = Utility Cost + Maintenance Contracts Cost

By reducing your Utility Cost MASE will represent the lowest Total Facility Maintenance Cost

In Multi Air Services Engineers, we recognize that maintenance is the key to minimize life cycle cost of any facility. A good facility maintenance have the potential to increase occupants comfort, enhance the appearance of the facility, extend capital equipment life and decrease energy bills all of which results on increased profitability for the owner. Because of this, we analyze the condition of the facility and its surrounding environment in order to offer the client a high quality maintenance program that results in economic benefits and customer satisfaction. MASE holds a GSA Schedule contract 03FAC for Facilities Maintenance and Management. Our maintenance contracts includes the following or any combination of them:

  • Janitorial
  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • Building Management System (Controls)
  • Elevators
  • Land scaping

MASE has also identified an industry situation where existing facilities have obsolete or poorly serviced controls system and in many cases are forced to replace it completely wich represents a huge investment. We are excited that now customers can maintain its existing controls and upgrade them with our Distech Controls Integration Services, significantly reducing the cost of renewing the control system.

Facilities currently served are:

  • Federal Buildings
  • Hospitals
  • Military Bases
  • Office Buildings